Water quality monitoring in the production of drinking water on ships

Water quality control

Strict hygiene regulations apply to drinking water, which is why the water quality must be monitored closely. In addition to the pH value, free chlorine is also measured, which is used to disinfect the water. JUMO offers a comprehensive system with intelligent sensors for this purpose.

Process data
pH value 6.5 to 9.5
Free chlorine max. 0.3 mg/l

Our components for the best water quality

Clean drinking water thanks to JUMO

Liquid analysis system ensures drinkable water on board

The JUMO AQUIS touch S multi-channel measuring instrument is at the heart of the system for clean drinking water from seawater. In addition to measuring the pH value and free chlorine, it controls the dosage of pH neutralization and disinfection. The values from pressure and conductivity measurement of the reverse osmosis system can also be processed and registered here.

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