The Future of Automation Can Come

JUMO variTRON 500 as the totally integrated solution

JUMO is starting a new era of automation with the JUMO variTRON 500 central processing unit. In terms of technical possibilities the system plays in the top class of embedded systems and proves itself with the high speed performance and flexible operating philosophy.


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For the first time, a completely new hardware and software platform is being used in the JUMO variTRON 500. During its development, "scalability" had the highest priority. The result is modular, flexible, and, above all, sustainable. The basis of the JUMO variTRON 500 is a hardware platform with an 800 MHz processor which can be used as a single, dual, or quad core variant depending on the application.

The software has a modular structure based on a Linux platform and enables excellent scalability for performance, memory, and interfaces. Another special feature is a customer-specific configuration and process data editor.

Several operator stations can be integrated into the system via CODESYS TargetVisu or CODESYS WebVisu as well as up to 64 intelligent connection modules.

In the future, JUMO will provide visualization libraries for individual customer-specific operation via CODESYS TargetVisu or CODESYS WebVisu. Flexibility is also made possible by the integration of all important fieldbus systems via CODESYS (such as Modbus RTU or TCP master and slave, PROFINET IO controller, EtherCAT master, and OPC UA server).

In the future, a PROFINET IO device interface will allow an alternative connection to higher-level control systems via Modbus TCP.

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