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The possibilities of geothermal heat

Making unused energy useable

Geothermal energy is the heat stored in the accessible part of the earth's crust. It is also called thermal energy. It can be used in various ways. For heating, cooling and also for electricity generation. The principle relies on a pipeline which is sunk into the earth and contains a salty liquid most of the time. This is heated by the thermal energy in the earth. On the surface, the heat is then transferred via a heat exchanger to the process water, which is then used for heating.

Principle of geothermal energy production

Geothermal installation

Geothermal plant with advanced technology

Big or small the result is promising

In addition to temperature, which is the most important measurement variable in a geothermal system, pressure also plays an important role. This is because both the pipelines and the heat exchanger itself must be checked regularly for leaks. To ensure that none of the saline fluid enters the ground, the groundwater or even the process water. Depending on whether the boreholes are close to the surface or at great depth, the flow rate of the saline fluid can also play a role in the context of economic efficiency.

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