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The JUMO industry portal connects you to a growing selection of industry-specific resources. Explore a comprehensive overview of offers from our products, relevant to your industry.

Or are you looking for products for a certain process? We have solutions. Refer to our detailed process diagrams located within each industry section to identify the products that will serve your needs.

Prehrambena industrija

Solutions for the brewery, dairy, meat processing and malthouse industries.

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Voda in odpadne vode

Solutions for drinking water, sea water, process water and waste water treatment.

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Farmacija in biotehnologija

Solutions for ultra pure water, biotechnology and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

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Obnovljivi viri energije

Solutions for wind power plants and solar thermal systems.

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Solutions for the railway technology.

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Ogrevanje in klimatizacija

Solutions for heating and air conditioning plants.

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Solutions for engine rooms, ballast water management, water treatment, and HVAC.

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Umetne mase in pakirnice

Solutions for plastics and packaging machines.

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Industrijske peči

Solutions for industrial furnaces.

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Kemična industrija

Solutions for petrochemicals, fine chemicals or specialty chemicals.

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